Let me start by saying I have to give my husband alot of the credit for this idea. We were in an antique store which he usually hates, when I caught him looking through a bowl of pool balls. I didn’t know what he was doing. I kept on looking and then he came up to me holding 3 balls and said, “Our Anniversary.” I was a bit shocked, and very pleasantly surprised. I later asked him what had made him think of it, he said it was something that I had done while he was looking at the balls, but he doesn’t remember what…oh well at least I know I was his inspiration. 🙂

So then the fun part came of figuring out where to put them and how to display them. My mom, aunt and I headed to another Antique mall (this time my hubby was at work). While looking through some adorable wooded candlestick holders that had been painted white caught my eye. I thought they would be perfect. However my mom found these GORGEOUS crystal and silver napkin rings that had roses etched in the crystal. I decided to go with them.  I still got one of the candlestick holders to use elsewhere.  Needless to say I later decided to go back and get the 2 other candlestick holders and liked them better. I am still going to use the gorgeous napkin rings to hold my napkins once I find the perfect ones. 😉 At first I had it sitting off to the side, but then decided that it would make a wonderful table centerpiece.

Without further ado, I think that this is a great way to display a special date. Plus it gives my husband touch in the feminine decor. 😉 It was a breakthrough to say the least.

I thought the uneven levels added a little something.

I had then in a straight line, but my husband was the one who suggested placing them in more of a triangle shape.

I think it makes a lovely table centerpiece and who says that husbands can’t help with the decor?! 🙂


About Dwell in Safety

I am happily married to the Love of my Life. I am mostly a stay at home spouse. This is my journey of trying to clear my life of the negative things. I have found that when you surround yourself with positive things of Christ, then your whole outlook is better. The world makes it hard, but with His help I can do all things!
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