Adding Beauty

Well let me start by saying that this was given to us by some friends who had recently ordered them a new dining set. It was pretty beat up when we got it, but from a distance you couldn’t really tell. My husband and I used it for about a year before I decided to do something about it. (Sorry I forgot to get a complete before picture of the table.) In the before picture of the chair, you can really see all the scratches that it had.

So I finally decided to make the best of it and refinish it. I figured that the scratches would now only add beauty to it. I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Aubusson Blue, and then waxed it, sanded it, and then did one final coat of wax. Here is the final result….

Sorry the color is a tad off in the above one.

I will leave you with one closing thought….


About Dwell in Safety

I am happily married to the Love of my Life. I am mostly a stay at home spouse. This is my journey of trying to clear my life of the negative things. I have found that when you surround yourself with positive things of Christ, then your whole outlook is better. The world makes it hard, but with His help I can do all things!
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2 Responses to Adding Beauty

  1. blackwatertown says:

    That looks pretty good. Nice job.

  2. what a lovely job! great color to greet you in the morning

    Janet xox

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