♥ The Beauty of Simplicity ♥

So I have been talking to my husband a lot lately about how badly I want us to declutter. I have done a wonderful job of decorating our house, if I do say so myself. I have put a lot of time into it, but the clutter takes away from all that. So my goal is to by the end of the summer, have decluttered, and sent some things to new homes.

I know that by simplifying, I will fall in love with our house even more.

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Let me start by saying I have to give my husband alot of the credit for this idea. We were in an antique store which he usually hates, when I caught him looking through a bowl of pool balls. I didn’t know what he was doing. I kept on looking and then he came up to me holding 3 balls and said, “Our Anniversary.” I was a bit shocked, and very pleasantly surprised. I later asked him what had made him think of it, he said it was something that I had done while he was looking at the balls, but he doesn’t remember what…oh well at least I know I was his inspiration. 🙂

So then the fun part came of figuring out where to put them and how to display them. My mom, aunt and I headed to another Antique mall (this time my hubby was at work). While looking through some adorable wooded candlestick holders that had been painted white caught my eye. I thought they would be perfect. However my mom found these GORGEOUS crystal and silver napkin rings that had roses etched in the crystal. I decided to go with them.  I still got one of the candlestick holders to use elsewhere.  Needless to say I later decided to go back and get the 2 other candlestick holders and liked them better. I am still going to use the gorgeous napkin rings to hold my napkins once I find the perfect ones. 😉 At first I had it sitting off to the side, but then decided that it would make a wonderful table centerpiece.

Without further ado, I think that this is a great way to display a special date. Plus it gives my husband touch in the feminine decor. 😉 It was a breakthrough to say the least.

I thought the uneven levels added a little something.

I had then in a straight line, but my husband was the one who suggested placing them in more of a triangle shape.

I think it makes a lovely table centerpiece and who says that husbands can’t help with the decor?! 🙂

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Adding Beauty

Well let me start by saying that this was given to us by some friends who had recently ordered them a new dining set. It was pretty beat up when we got it, but from a distance you couldn’t really tell. My husband and I used it for about a year before I decided to do something about it. (Sorry I forgot to get a complete before picture of the table.) In the before picture of the chair, you can really see all the scratches that it had.

So I finally decided to make the best of it and refinish it. I figured that the scratches would now only add beauty to it. I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Aubusson Blue, and then waxed it, sanded it, and then did one final coat of wax. Here is the final result….

Sorry the color is a tad off in the above one.

I will leave you with one closing thought….

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Dreams in White

So I finally refinished my first piece of furniture.  It was beautiful to start with, and quite  few people told me not to redo it, and to leave it as it was. It had hand painting on it, and I did love it; after all, I bought it looking that way. It just didn’t work with my decor now, and I had dreams of something different. Sometimes, you just have to do what is going to make your heart smile. So I went ahead and with the help of a dear friend, we finished it.

I used Annie Sloan Chalk paint, and I am in love! I also used her clear wax. The painting was done inside, and there was no nasty paint smell which was really nice. The wax has a slight odor, but I just had to deal cause with the Texas heat, there is no way I could have done it outside. I do have to say that one of the friends who told me not to redo it, is now in love with it. So with no further commentary, I will let the piece just tell you it’s story. :)

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Well, I just got done doing a great workout, which is another thing I hope that this blog will help hold me accountable for. Boot camp focusing on my legs and upper body. 🙂

I got a surprise yesterday evening. The surprise that I am talking about is that my husband when I talked to him about getting rid of Family Guy, said “Okay.” There was no arguing, or “Why do we have to get rid of that?” Just “Okay.” I can tell that the Lord is already working! It is so exciting to see and empowering to know how quickly He can work. No matter how impossible a situation seems, nothing is impossible when it comes to my Savior!

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Somewhere Out There

Well, you have to start somewhere, so here I go. This is my journey to try to rid my life of some of the negative and worldly things that consume it. When I was living in Wyoming I had a preview of what this could be like. I was reading Christian Fiction books, (one which was my mom’s, we’ll talk about that later) listening to positive music, and not watching things that had a worldly perspective. I felt so much happier and less stressed in general. Here I am again, and I am going to try to get back to that. I know that some of the things I am going to want to give up, are going to be hard for my husband and me, that is why I know this is not going to be an instant fix, this will take time, years maybe, but I know that God will be with me every step of the way. I am currently trying to go through our DVD collection, I think Family Guy is going to be one of those things that it will take my husband a while before he is ready to let go of, if ever. He is starting to take baby steps with me though which is all I can ask for.

I know I also need to work more on setting aside time for the Lord everyday. If I have at least one conversation with him a day, I know that my day would just be that much better. A friend of mine once told me that God is a Hopeful Romantic. I think that that is such a perfect way to think of Him. No matter how much we turn away from Him, or don’t listen to Him, He is still there showing us His love. I am going to try to notice each day, something that He does, just to make me smile.

One of the things that really inspired me to start this was my mom. I just finished reading her second book, and I have to say, sometimes I wish life weren’t so complicated. I wish it was more like ‘back in the day.’ Things were simpler then to an extent. I walked away from her book feeling inspired and wanting more. Her book is a Christian Historical Fiction, and you can’t help but walk away from it knowing how much God loves you and that everything that happens in our lives is according to His plan, even when we can’t see it.

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